Printer turns on - will not move

  • Hello:
    Im having issues with the printer not moving. I followed the unboxing and setup guide.The printer powers on and when I home the printer I get a message Auto Home please wait for minutes. Nothing happens and I have to restart the printer to get out of that screen. I then tried to Auto Bed level and get a screen that states Wait for the nozzle temp to heat up to 120 and start leveling, but seems to stop at 118-119 and never hits 120 and again I have to restart. I tried with SD card in and out. Does the switch light up? When I first turned it on it looked like it was going to light up but did not, If the switch is bad should the printer even turn on? I live in the US and have it set to 115v and it has firmware 1.02. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated

    Thank You

  • I have the exact same problem. The printer was working fine for a month but then nothing move on any axis.
    Anyone figure it out the issue?

  • @LouisCypher1313 don’t hold your breath,I’ve been emailing back and forth with creality for almost three weeks now, the same exact questions.

    I may have a new motherboard on the way, I got a ups shipping notice, but of course I haven’t had any replies from creality since Thursday saying they have been on holiday and were forwarding my responses to yet another engineer to review.

    At this point I’m ready to gut it and replace the board with something else just to get it working.

    Needless to say this is the last creality printer I buy or recommend ever again.

  • Be careful, on my last attempt at homing the bed I heard a pop and seen smoke. I have sent a email to their support and will update if I get any info.

    Thanks Jeff

  • I’ve had the same problem for two weeks. Creality keeps asking me to check the same things over and over again, and I’m beginning to even wonder if they have any clue to what’s wrong. There are quite a few people having this same problem and I haven’t heard of anyone getting it fixed. A few people have been sent new motherboards, but that takes over 50 days to arrive.

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