Z axis is crooked

  • I just bought a new Ender 3 Pro, and I'm currently trying to assemble it, but the Z-axis rod is COMPLETELY crooked. The bar itself is straight, but it's crooked at the base. I tried to reinstall the base twice, and the issue is unresolved. What do I do about this? Do I need to order a replacement part?

  • @ChristinaSmith Hi! If the aluminum extrusion is straight but become at an angle when screwed in place, check if the end is cut perpendicular to the side, it might be cut at a slight angle. And if by ''rod'' you mean the leadscrew, check if the motor is screwed parallels to the Z axis aluminum extrusion, a small square is a must at that point. 🙂
    I hope those tips will help you, have a good day!

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