Z-axis reversed?

  • Has anyone had the z-axis reverse when trying to print something? I was trying to print 5 copies of the same stl file, (the same file 5 times as it was too big to print all at once) and got three printed on one day. The next day when I tried to print the same object, it started grinding the head into the glass (again). I had not changed the auto-level or z-offset, so I'm not sure how this happened. As soon as I noticed it, I aborted the print and attempted to do an auto-level. It proceeded to do the auto level but kept raising the printhead further from the surface.

    After power cycling the printer, it won't properly auto-level, so I guess the nozzle got too damaged again. I want to like this printer, but needing to replace the nozzle after 3 prints is getting ridiculous. (though the first nozzle was destroyed due to a failure in quality control - not having the factory install all of the screws to secure the x-axis to the z-axis post was an issue. If I hadn't figured out what size bolts to use I would have had an expensive paperweight)

  • @admin, now I suddenly have this issue too. G28 works fine. But if I try ABL, at the number 1 location, the nozzle touches the bed once, then starts to raise the z all the way until it reaches the top and starts to grind the gears. Then if I try to print something, G28 works ok but then starts to push itself into the bed and the gears grind. Our maybe the noise is the belt hopping. I have the latest firmware and reflashing it does not help.

    What do I do now?

  • Dear @pktlonewolf

    We have just updated the latest firmware on our website: https://www.creality.com/download
    Please follow the video to refresh it. Thanks

  • The z-axis reversing has only occurred once for me and I haven't been able to reproduce that error/ At the moment, I can't level the machine and the z-offset appears to remain the same no matter what I adjust it to (this is after replacing the filament nozzle again), so I currently have a non-functional printer (also again). I guess I will try reloading the firmware and seeing if I can at least get the printer to level itself. I have to admit, the more I try to get this printer to print anything, the less I like the printer.

    I guess I'll start recording every time I turn on the printer in case I need to share the next problem.

  • Dear @pktlonewolf

    I have sent your issue to our engineer, he suggests you that Is it OK to operate the Z-axis up and down alone? Please provide auto-leveling video brake analysis

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