Bad printing with Ender 5 when i use all the printing space.

  • Hello

    Im new to the 3D printing so I hope no one has a problem with the question 🙂

    I buy Ender 5 and when i finally assemble it i do the basic configuration from paper guide and also from videos on internet.
    Im using original Creality filament that was included with the printer,i also buy the same but 1KG one in black colour (PLA).
    This problem occures when i print on the whole space for 3D printing with more models.
    When i do a single model in the middle its ok.
    I try more settings,not only the one in the photo.

    Speed: 95%,100%.Cooling: 100%.Nozzle temperature: 205 °C,215 °C,200 °C.I try to fill 10%,15%,20% in the Creality Slicer.

    Printer settings.jpeg Failed print.jpeg Failed print,DETAIL.jpeg

    I will be really glad for ANY suggestions and help!

    Thank you.

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