ender 5 pro messed up coordinates

  • Hello---My printer was running fine with a few exceptions, largely due to user error, up until a few days ago...I accidentally hit the home offset button on the control panel while trying to ready it for the next print job and now nothing will print properly. In the slicing software, objects will be placed in the center of the pad, but when the machine starts to print, it prints everything at the very edge of the pad instead, and everything is printed squished --for example, an object that is meant to be completely round and is plotted in slicer software at the middle of the pad is printed squished together at the very edge. In some cases the extruder goes completely off the pad and runs into the sides of the printer while extruding blobs of filament. Is tbere any place that has the original settings as they are from factory so I can go in to the control panel and enter them in? I have no idea what is wrong or what I have to change to make it print correctly again...Please help, i'm a newbie.

    Also, my SD card slot will not retain a card, it keeps ejecting them, so the less i need to depend on the SD card for solutions the better.

  • Dear @uncachazzy

    1. It is recommended to reset the printer to factory settings, initialize EEPROM, Press the knob-control-initialize EEPROM
    2. The card slot does not lock the card, you can provide the video of the card slot unlocked to your seller, and they will reissue the motherboard if it is within the 1-year warranty period.

  • restore setting by uploading a new firmware to the printer, or the same firmware, it will erase all setting (i think)
    to keep the printer less depends on SD-card is buy a raspberry pi and install octopi to it (google/youtube octoprint for more information)

    Off topic.
    (im still waiting for the admin to answer about the EEPROM, why we can't save settings to it)

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