LCD Options Tune/Printing Speed

  • Can anyone tell me what the printing speed setting means when printing? It's in the Tune options. It has no units next to it, so I'm not sure if its mm/sec or % of material print speed.

    I've been trying out different materials and all of them have maximum print speed set in the slicer (creality slicer 4.2.1). So for example generic PLA is set at 45mm/sec and ABS is set at 40mm/sec. When I change materials and slice, then save to SD and print, the printing speed setting always stays at 100, but the printing temp and bed temp change to the values set uynder the material.

    By the way, really impressed with the CR6. I'm a beginner to 3D, but I've spent a the last 10 months trying to find a model that would produce usable prints right out of the box with no messing about, and I can honestly say the CR6 does just that.

  • Yes,
    I'd assumed that it was a percentage, but its very odd that there are no units, when everything else shows units. The manual only details the REALLY obvious things, and everything else is guesswork. So for instance
    How do you change filament mid-way through a print?
    How do you print in multiple filaments?
    How tight should the belt tensioners be set?

    I know this was a kickstarter, but now they're selling it as a major product, so there should be more info written to support it.

  • I think that's the relative speed (so % of set in slicer). Estimated print times in the slicer double when I set it to 50 for example (almost then, but very close). So maybe the manuel tune. Since it's not affected by the Gcode and resets after reboot I deduct that this is the relative speed. Can't find any info on it online or in the manual though.

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