What's Impressed the Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer

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    We believe that the CR-6 SE auto-leveling 3D printer has been yet another great invention from Creality. Today, we want to bring people to learn about the printer again. What's impressed for the excellent features of CR-6 SE, the auto-leveling sensor, brand-new nozzle kit and extruder with smart clip, etc.

    CR-6 SE Specification

    1. Print size: 235235250
    2. Output voltage: 24V. This printer is more powerful than typical 12V power.
    3. 350W power supply with a famous brand.
    4. New nozzle design with easy to install and replace.
    5. Auto-leveling sensor to help you realize with a few minutes.
    6. Filament sensor. No worries about filament breakage and runout.
    7. A silent motherboard with low noise gives you a silent environment.
    8. New design extrusion kit to save your time and energy.
    9. Dual Z-axis with a stable structure.

    Design and Features
    CR-6 SE shares a lot of physical similarities with the Ender 3V2, a newly released printer from the company. However, the printer also boasts numerous outstanding features that make it one of the most exciting 3D printers released in recent times. Perhaps the most intriguing property of CR-6 SE is that it's suitable for everyone- pros, hobbyists, and newbies alike. Because the device's simple operation will provide users with premium 3D printing experience and enable more users to acquire advanced skills easily. The CR-6 SE will start to ship in July, the customer will also receive it soon.

    Complete Set Up In a Few Minutes
    This is shocked people, you can finish the assembly in 10 minutes. If you've ever had to spend hours figuring out how to set up your 3D printer, you'd better appreciate the pre-assembled state of CR-6 SE. Setting up your printer should not take more than a few minutes because all that's left to do is connecting the gantry to the base. Users require no prior experience or special skill; it's almost as good as starting to print right out of the box. This is also an important feature for the CR-6 SE.

    User-friendly Extrusion Device
    For the new beginner, to load the filament may be a little difficult. As the before, we receive a customer email that he spent about 20 minutes loading the filament, he is about to burst. So when the CR-6 SE launch on the Kickstarter, he orders the printer immediately. The extruder device with a clip is so convenient and friendly for people. We believe people will like the extruder device because it saves people much time and energy.

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