CR-6SE Shipping information question (backer 8699)

  • Hello Creality,

    I have not received my printer yet although the tracking was created back in July, but no updates have occurd on the tracking (Shipment ready for UPS) is what it has been stuck on since July. I am curious when I should expect the tracking to update with it being shipped.... I have also sent a couple emails to the kickstartersupport address, and have not received any responses back.

    Here is my backer number:
    kickstarter backer number: 8699

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


  • Dear Jon,

    We have got the feedback, the boat hasn't arrived at the port yet, it was delayed. When it arrives at the port, after Customs clearance, it will come to UPS and then, you will have the tracking updates. Thanks for your patient.

  • @admin Thank you Creality for the reply back and for checking in with the shipping agent. Hopefully the shipping will get resolved quickly.


  • Dear @ Jon,

    Well received your feedback, I have sent your information to our shipping agent, and they are checking with local people to confirm your goods. I will keep following, any news will feedback you soon. Thanks for your support.

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