CP-01 Firmware

  • Hello,

    I am trying to look at other printer software for the CP-01. Most ask for what type of firmware the printer uses. I have been unsuccessful finding the answer, does anyone know the base firmware "brand" for the CP-01?

  • What are you trying to acheive. I am able to use Cura without an issue for 3D printing. I am looking for better software for the Laser and CNC. Creality should really update the software for all 3 modules

  • Ciao
    I can't tell you whose brand it is
    I bought the CP-01 in November 2020 and in the "About" menu it says: Firmware Version: 0.03 nothing more.
    I looked for any recent updates on the site but the one found seems older than the one installed.
    The software supplied for the 3D printer is the "Creality Slicer 1.2.3" and for the CNC and Laser module it is the "Creality Workshop"

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