How long does it take for their respond to power supply and mainboard dead on CR6 SE

  • @ncbob and I just now got THIS piece of crap response:

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your feedback .

    We unload your issue into our after service system . Our engineer will check your problem again . Then give you sulotion .

    Creality has become a complete joke, I think my issue has been ‘unloaded’ from the after service system for awhile now.

  • @admin that’s the same email I’ve been getting from the support email since 9/22. I keep getting the exact email until last Wednesday, now I have gotten no response since then to ANY email I send. And now I get the same response here, which tells me that creality doesn’t care because no one is doing anything about my issue except reply with a canned email response.

  • Dear @Tee @ncbob

    If your printer has this kind of problems, please send the pictures or videos, we will confirm it. After confirmed, we will send you the new mainboard to change. Please don't worry, we will help customers to solve the issues. Thanks for your support.

  • I've been waiting three weeks so far, and all they keep doing is sending me the same email asking for the same information over and over.

    I'm about ready to gut the machine get a different controller board so I have a working printer, and NEVER EVER buy a creality product again, nor will I ever recommend it to someone ever again.

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