3D Ender 3 v2 is printing too fast

  • Hi, I recently purchased a Creality Ender 3 v2 printer a month ago.

    I firstly printed a simple fan for a project, which printed well. After I've printed a gear bearing and an improved version of the first fan (just neater), which also printed well. I've not used it for a number of days and now when I try to use it now, it prints way too fast (even with the previous fans and gear bearing and the filament bunches up and gets stuck to the nozzle. I sliced it and previewed it and this was the result:


    This is what would happen to the 3D printer when I tried to run the G-code file (binary). I have used multiple programs such as the default one that comes with the USB to install on windows, Ultimaker and PrusaSlicer.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help to identify the problem as I've searched the Internet and can't find a solution.

    IMG_20201012_205913929.jpg IMG_20201012_205848970.jpg IMG_20201012_205907478.jpg IMG_20201012_205858406.jpg

  • @admin sorry for the very late response.
    I load the STL file onto Ultimaker Cura with recommend settings, settings from YouTube videos, but when I click preview, it does it really fast for some reason, this has happened on multiple devices I try on and when I print it, that happens. I've tried different modules on different devices but no fix. I had got it sort of working to the point where I have to lower the printing speed to 30mm/s for everything, I then try to print a small type of clip for a project I'm trying to do (I'm on phone but will post STL file when I can). The filament curls and sticks to the heated nozzle when printing for a cm, then detatches and I am forced to get something like tweezers to move it away so it does not stick to the nozzle and pull everything along with it, then once the skirt is finished, it moves into making the piece where it does 4 small circles and does it really quick causing it to be a mess and string a lot as it pulls it along fast and I left it for about 10 min I think when I came back, it was a massive mess around the nozzle and so I cleaned the surface of the nozzle pulling the PLA off. So the problems so far is that the Filament curls, sticks and prievew on multiple devices with different files, print really fast messing the entire print up to where I can't do it at all. I have check the marlin software version and it is up to the most recent version.

    Kind regards

  • @Finny
    I suggest you use a multimeter to measure the drive voltage and pin voltage on the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis on the motherboard


  • Dear @Finny

    Is the actual printing speed of the sliced model normal?

  • Dear @admin

    I have checked the print settings and they are as per the image you posted. I have also tried and lowered the speed to 10 and still gotten the same result. I have tried PrusaSlicer and that seemed to work, but then that changes the z offset and when I try to change the setting, it does not change. Ultimaker and Creality Slicer (app that came with the printer) speeds up the printing to the point where you sometimes don't even see the extruder (on the Ultimaker and Creality slicer apps) moving as it fills up an area because it is moving way to fast. The other app interferes with the Z offset (which would be for a different topic).

  • Dear @Finny

    What is the setting of printing speed and filling speed, it is recommended that the printing speed is not higher than 60mm/s

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