CR-6 SE not delivered - UK

  • I am backer 1895.
    My money was taken in June.
    I have had no communication from Creality apart from one reply to my post stating it will be on the next shipment to the UK. It was NOT.
    I have checked all the spreadsheets and backer 1895 is not there!
    Where is my printer?
    Will I ever get an answer?
    What can I do Next?

  • Mixed messages coming in from everywhere!
    I have been informed it will be flying into the UK, that it is on a ship at sea and will be with me soon!
    Just tell the truth.
    Where is my printer? Will it be sent? Do I need to apply for a refund?

  • Dear @Retro86

    I checked your order, it shows they are still on the boat, the UPS can only update to you after the goods finished the customs clearance. Please don't worry, it is a normal circumstances.

  • @aduquese hi, I’ve had the same it’s been stuck in Frankfurt for a month and a half, I did get a reply from creality

    “ I've contacted with shipping company, during coronavirus, the shipping speed is a litter slower than normal, when we have the update we’ll inform you, thanks for your understanding.”

    Is what I got back, also contacted ups and their reply was

    “The sender created a label for your shipment. When we receive the parcel, will show additional scans and delivery date.

    If it has been several days since the label was created, contact the sender to confirm the parcel was picked up.“

    Which is kinda useless, but one of them needs to do something, because there’s a little slower and there’s not moving.

    Creality my pledge number is 11,649

  • Dear @aduquese

    your tracking number is
    Please confirm.

  • @admin and @Peter , I'm in a similar situation as Peter, with the difference that my backer number (8328) was in the spreadsheet and updates provided by Creality. I also have my money taken in June, also based in UK and also still waiting for a printer that apparently was shipped in September.
    I emailed using every email address you provided without answer (BTW keep changing) , so what is your reply? What is the excuse in my case. @Peter I really hope you will get also an email or direct reply to where exactly is your printer, mine seems to be on the way to UK on a dinghy.

  • Dear @Peter

    I have checked your order, will ship this week. Please don't worry, you will receive it soon. But the tracking number will update to you by pledge box after it arrives at the port. Please noted. Thanks for your support.

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