Updated slice software does not list the CR-6 SE printer driver

  • I downloaded the latest update to CR-6 SE and for some reason, it did not have the CR-6 SE printer listed. I had to uninstall the latest and reinstall the version that came with the printer. I even tried the Ultimaker Cura latest version but it also did not have the CR-6 SE printer listed. I can only assume that the CR-6 SE is so new that the software has not been added.

    The printer worked fine for me straight out of the box on my first print from the model provided. However, I tried another model with some strings on the model. I did notice that leveling should be done before each print. Not sure how I can fix it. The bed is not stable, but I am not sure if that is the problem..

  • Dear @Robert

    1. Please go to this link to download the dedicated software for CR-6SE:

    If the printing platform is shaking, please level the eccentric nut of the slider at the bottom of the platform:

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