Ender 3 Newbie Problems

  • Hey everyone,

    Just got an Ender 3 as my first experience in 3D printing. I have a couple problems that I am running into that I can’t seem to find answers for easily.

    1. Anytime I try to print, the filament doesn’t adhere at all to the bed unless I have the initial layer speed really low (5mm/sec). Otherwise the nozzle just drags the filament around and makes a mess. I’ve tried different bed and nozzle temps but nothing seems to work. It’s especially bad with anything rounded. Square layers do pretty well.

    2. Each of my prints ends up having 4 or 5 lines that stand out on the side that go around a whole layer. Not sure what to do there.

    3. I was having trouble with my prints all being too short, I have since adjusted the z steps to compensate but the settings reset each time a print finishes, even though I select to store settings in the menu.

    I would really appreciate any help you can offer!

  • Dear @DBlaser @jbuhler97 @aggie93

    There is a specific platform for after-sales service, you are welcomed to leave your questions here, our people will feedback to you quickly

  • Hairspray.

    I've had my Ender 3 v2 now for about a month, and my brother (he uses a Flash Forge) suggested that I spray on a bit of hairspray onto the print deck to give it some adhesion quality that the filament will stick to.

    Go to your local department store and get a can of the cheapest hairspray that you can get from the Health and Beauty department, and give that a try.

    Spray it on as your deck is just starting to warm up, at around 35-40C, and it should help with your problem.

    Also, printing with rafts and brims can help as well.

  • Curious if you received any help. Facing many of these same issues.

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