Filament not feeding

  • Filament not feeding. I just received my second CR-6 SE (1st one was DOA) and the filament will not feed. If I push the filament after heating the nozzle. I get a little to squeeze out. Other than not it will not feed. I also have the problem of the filament being hard to load. I can get to through the sensor then it is extremely hard to push it through. Are these related? How can I fix it so I can start printing.

  • This is the Ender-6 forum group NOT CR-6 SE.

  • You're posting to the wrong group this is for Ender-6 NOT CR-6SE. Might get better response over there.

  • Im having the same problem. Did you find a solution? I just setup the CR-6 SE for the first time. When it starts printing no filament comes out. It seems the feed is not working. When I try to manually feed from the touch screen nothing again. There isn't any indication that the feed is moving so its hard to tell if its working. I marked the filament with a pen and no motion. Is anyone else having this issue?
    Also I had another problem that my have something to do with it. On the third time starting it got stuck on the Startup screen so I updated the firmware and it started up after that.

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