Filament not feed from the hot end.

  • Filament not feeding. I just received my second CR-6 SE and the filament will not feed. If I push the filament after heating the nozzle. I get a little to squeeze out. Other than not it will not feed. I also have the problem of the filament being hard to load. I can get to through the sensor then it is extremely hard to push it through. Are these related? How can I fix it so I can start printing,

  • My printer arrived today, and after putting it all together I eager loaded the filament.

    I too found that the filament was not feeding, and the manual feed option on the screen also appeared to not be doing anything.

    I am pleased to announce that I now have it working.

    What did I do ?
    Well, I unscrewed the cover off of the base plate so I could push all of the connectors home - that didn't help.
    Then, I took the extruder apart. This thing sprung off into several pieces 🙂
    Whilst apart I could see the extruder motor assembly and it was actually moving - silent and slow 🙂

    I reassembled the extruder assembly (there's a really useful video on YouTube for this) and voila, mu printer is now printing 🙂

    Hope this helps you.

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