No move after start a selected gcode file

  • I copied the gcode files (dir. Model) from original SDcard in a 1GB SDcard rootdirectory.
    After some moving at SDcard slot like there ist connecting problem i found the List of the files on the screen. Selecting one file and pressing START ---waiting minutes...nothing happend. All Temps ok . Looking from the outside i found data blinking from a blue LED on the motherboard behind the usb slot. Looks like there is still some work in error analysis . I prefer error text on screen. I see nothing at all.
    My question : 1. do i need more files on the rootdirectory or is it ok with only gcodes.
    2. Is it possible that the gcodes are not understood because they are for another type of printer ?

  • Now it works . I did the following :
    i sliced my own construction (not the default images (model)) and put the gcode in the original sdcard root folder. and all of the sudden it works. maybe it likes the original sdcard files on it or it dislikes the provided modelfiles because of different gcodes.

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