CR-6 SE Squeeking LOUDLY

  • Hello. So I got the printer. I love it. Made many things already! It's been a real fun experience and I have to said, I'm REALLY greatful that I don't/haven't had the issues others have. If I have had an issue, I've been able to fix it.

    That being said, starting the last week or so, when the extruder is moving horizontally, it makes a VERY LOUD squeek/screeching noise. To the point where it's incredibly distracting. Has anyone else had this issue??? Does anyone have an ideas on how to fix it? IT'S DRIVING ME MAD.

  • It can be something like:
    a) nozzle is touching the glass bed which is bad;
    b) moving to fast for stepper to handle it;
    3) overtighten or loosen wheels on X-axis.

    When exactly do you have that noise? While printing or even while moving X-axis manually by hand or via LCD controls?

    I had similar 'squeak noise ' on Y-axis, but loosing the belt was a quick fix, anyway suggesting to tight both belts correctly just in case.

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