Just curious about those that got the build plate add on

  • How are you installing in, are you putting the magnetic sheet on the glass plate, or are you removing the sheet and the hold downs and putting it directly on the bed.

    Also I really honestly don't like the surface, it's so rough and that's going to make the prints be rough as well on the bottom. I'm honestly probably going to get another build sheet from Wham Bam, I have them on all my other printers.

  • Dear @ncbob

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback. May be our new products will solve this problem.

  • Ok, just wanted to update on what I did. I took the glass bed off and put the magnetic sheet right on the aluminum bed. I left the clips on in the back, and the rotating clamps in the front.

    Turns out the clips in the back make it very easy to put the metal build sheet on, you can slide it against the clips then drop it down and it's lined up, then you can just rotate the clamps back in place (it won't get hit in a print because it's out of range of the print head).

    The one issue I ran into is that the optical sensor was triggering too early because the glass bed isn't there. For now I put electrical tape over the sensor, but I'm going to make an adjustable trigger tab that goes on the x gantry and then adjust it so that it triggers properly. That way I still have the failsafe of the optical endstop.

    My other concern about the rough surface is unfounded. The plastic will lay down on the high spots and it doesn't get down into the low spots of the PEI sheet, so it actually surprisingly works quite well.

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