Clogged noozle

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    Anyone know where is the problem? I normally printed with that and about last 2 weeks this happening again and again... I am using Creality PLA, E3D v6 hotend, PrusaSlicer, PLA setting: hotend- 190°C , bed- 60°C.

    My temporary solution is stop printing, unplug bowden tube and cut end of filament , insert it back and print again.

  • When you reinsert the tube you have to ensure there is no gap between it and the nozzle.
    Any gap can cause clogging.
    When checking for clogging inside the hot end, it is best to remove the Nozzle whilst hot, push the tube right through to make sure the hot end isn't clogged then reinsert the nozzle fully then back it off slightly.

    Push the the tube in the hot end until it hits the nozzle and then tighten the nozzle onto the tube.
    This should ensure no gap between the two and help stop clogging.

    Check the recommended temperature for your filament, some require a hotter temp than others.
    Try using a hot end temp of 200° C for the creality PLA as that is what is set in the creality slicer software.

  • im new to this but having issues getting first layer sorted, this had lead me to reading around alot and including aritciles on clogged nozzles, maybe your hot end temp is a little low and its not melting the plastic enough to push it through the nozzle easily enough?

    second though is z offset height?

    dirt/dust getting into the hot end thats causing it to be a blockage?

    if your nozzle is getting clogged realistically that can only be the 2 reasons, too much solid material trying to pass through (i.e not hot enough) or it doesnt have the cleareance to get the material out.

    they no different to drains in that respect.

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