Error when compile filament runout sensor using ender 3 v2 1.0.2 source code

  • Hi Admin,

    i tried to enable filament runout sensor for my ender 3 v2 using firmware 1.0.2 source code but no luck.
    every time i tried to compile it showing error : #error "ADVANCED_PAUSE_FEATURE currently requires an LCD controller or EMERGENCY_PARSER."

    kindly your support to solve this issue

    my configuration as below

    • configuration.h
      #define NUM_RUNOUT_SENSORS 1 // Number of sensors, up to one per extruder. Define a FIL_RUNOUT#_PIN for each.
      #define FIL_RUNOUT_INVERTING false // Set to true to invert the logic of the sensor.
      #define FIL_RUNOUT_PULLUP // Use internal pullup for filament runout pins.


    • configuration_adv.h
      #define PAUSE_PARK_RETRACT_FEEDRATE 60 // (mm/s) Initial retract feedrate.
      #define PAUSE_PARK_RETRACT_LENGTH 2 // (mm) Initial retract.
      // This short retract is done immediately, before parking the nozzle.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_UNLOAD_FEEDRATE 10 // (mm/s) Unload filament feedrate. This can be pretty fast.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_UNLOAD_ACCEL 25 // (mm/s^2) Lower acceleration may allow a faster feedrate.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_UNLOAD_LENGTH 100 // (mm) The length of filament for a complete unload.
      // For Bowden, the full length of the tube and nozzle.
      // For direct drive, the full length of the nozzle.
      // Set to 0 for manual unloading.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_SLOW_LOAD_FEEDRATE 6 // (mm/s) Slow move when starting load.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_SLOW_LOAD_LENGTH 0 // (mm) Slow length, to allow time to insert material.
      // 0 to disable start loading and skip to fast load only
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_FAST_LOAD_FEEDRATE 6 // (mm/s) Load filament feedrate. This can be pretty fast.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_FAST_LOAD_ACCEL 25 // (mm/s^2) Lower acceleration may allow a faster feedrate.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_FAST_LOAD_LENGTH 0 // (mm) Load length of filament, from extruder gear to nozzle.
      // For Bowden, the full length of the tube and nozzle.
      // For direct drive, the full length of the nozzle.
      //#define ADVANCED_PAUSE_CONTINUOUS_PURGE // Purge continuously up to the purge length until interrupted.
      #define ADVANCED_PAUSE_PURGE_FEEDRATE 3 // (mm/s) Extrude feedrate (after loading). Should be slower than load feedrate.
      #define ADVANCED_PAUSE_PURGE_LENGTH 50 // (mm) Length to extrude after loading.
      // Set to 0 for manual extrusion.
      // Filament can be extruded repeatedly from the Filament Change menu
      // until extrusion is consistent, and to purge old filament.
      #define ADVANCED_PAUSE_RESUME_PRIME 0 // (mm) Extra distance to prime nozzle after returning from park.
      //#define ADVANCED_PAUSE_FANS_PAUSE // Turn off print-cooling fans while the machine is paused.

                                                  // Filament Unload does a Retract, Delay, and Purge first:

      #define FILAMENT_UNLOAD_RETRACT_LENGTH 13 // (mm) Unload initial retract length.
      #define FILAMENT_UNLOAD_DELAY 5000 // (ms) Delay for the filament to cool after retract.
      #define FILAMENT_UNLOAD_PURGE_LENGTH 8 // (mm) An unretract is done, then this length is purged.

      #define PAUSE_PARK_NOZZLE_TIMEOUT 45 // (seconds) Time limit before the nozzle is turned off for safety.
      #define FILAMENT_CHANGE_ALERT_BEEPS 10 // Number of alert beeps to play when a response is needed.
      #define PAUSE_PARK_NO_STEPPER_TIMEOUT // Enable for XYZ steppers to stay powered on during filament change.

      #define PARK_HEAD_ON_PAUSE // Park the nozzle during pause and filament change.
      //#define HOME_BEFORE_FILAMENT_CHANGE // Ensure homing has been completed prior to parking for filament change

      //#define FILAMENT_LOAD_UNLOAD_GCODES // Add M701/M702 Load/Unload G-codes, plus Load/Unload in the LCD Prepare menu.
      //#define FILAMENT_UNLOAD_ALL_EXTRUDERS // Allow M702 to unload all extruders above a minimum target temp (as set by M302)


  • Dear @poethardo

    This firmware needs to be refreshed to use the material break detection:
    Ender-3 V2-Marlin-2.0.1 - V1.2.1 - Filament.bin

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