Printer Stuck in Autoleveling

  • Hi,
    when I Auto level my printer all it should until just after the 16th measuring point. Aufter that it moves to the middle of the Platform and stops. The screen says "Waiting for the nozzle to heat up to 120°C to start leveling", although the nozzle is heated up and it went through the leveling prozess.
    No Auto-Home afterwards and no "leveling completed" message. Is this normal?

  • Thank you for your awnser.
    I was expecting a little beep or a message letting me know, that the leveling is complete, like at the end of a print.
    Until now everything works fine, just the fans are a little loud. Am getting great print results on standard settings.
    Maybe I look into the source-code to add a little message or a beep, if thats possible

  • No it's not normal, it sounds like you may be plagued with a bad motherboard.

    It seems there are a few categories of problems with the CR-6 SE:

    1. Power switch it either will not power on or does it once then won't anymore, requires replacement of the power switch
    2. Motors won't move at all (mine did the same thing once, did the autolevel and got stuck then wouldn't move) or it will never move even once. This for me was my problem and I had to get a replacement motherboard.
    3. Nozzle dives into the bed and keeps trying to go. If you don't have the little opto end stop on the left side of the gantry plugged in, or yours is bad it will do this. I actually had two of the sensors with my printer. You either need to make sure it's plugged in, and it should light up when the nozzle is raised above the bed, then cut off when the little tab decends on the x carriage and enters the end stop. Also make sure the tab that triggers that end stop is still on the carriage and it didn't fall off.
    4. Bad firmware load. You can download the latest firmware BIN from creality and copy it to the SD card then shut the printer down and power it up to re-load the firmware.

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