Printer Lost in Shipping

  • My order was shipped in two shipments. I have NOT received the Printer - I HAVE received the add-ons.

    Printer (1Z7Y59R80395209329)
    Add-Ons (1Z7F17020372198597)
    Recieved on 10/12/2020

    Number: 1Z7Y59R80395209329
    Package status: Expired
    Country: United States -> Unknown

    2020-09-09 13:00, Shakopee, MN, United States, We're attempting to verify the package location. / Claim issued.
    2020-09-08 11:38, Shakopee, MN, United States, We're attempting to verify the package location. / Investigation only
    2020-08-31 19:47, Hodgkins, IL, United States, Arrived at Facility
    2020-08-28 02:29, Cerritos, CA, United States, Departed from Facility
    2020-08-27 22:34, Cerritos, CA, United States, Arrived at Facility
    2020-08-27 22:07, Gardena, CA, United States, Departed from Facility
    2020-08-27 20:10, Gardena, CA, United States, Origin Scan
    2020-07-31 21:33, United States, Order Processed: Ready for UPS

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    I want my printer.


  • @admin UPS has issued Claim Number: 7773820001A
    I have the ability to Upload Payment Document but I need the following:
    UPS Account Numner
    Invoice for my purchase

    I have the PledgeBox Invoice Summary, but an official invoice would be better.

  • UPS Provided me with Claim Number 7773820001A

    They are asking for additional details about the product shipment, including invoice and description.

  • Dear @diacis

    Our shipping agent is in contact with UPS, and UPS is now accepting, no result. If we get any information will send it to you.

  • @admin Backer Number: 392

    I started a claim with UPS on 9-Sept-2020

    Information from the Shipper:

    UPS Next Steps
    The search for your package is complete. We have been unable to locate your package. We will forward the search results to the shipper.

    Your Next Steps
    If you are the shipper, you can Contact UPS for more help.

    Claim Information
    Check Claim Status:
    Package Search Complete - Package Not Found

    Status Detail
    Package Search Complete, if you have questions please contact the shipper for further details

    Tracking Number

    Claim Type:

    Merchandise Description Number of Items Cost per Item

  • Dear @diacis

    Please don't worry, share your backer number, I will confirm it for you.

  • I hope that whomever took it has problems.

    My issue is that the shipper (UPS) has identified it as lost and issued a claim to the shipper (NEWEGG NEKTECK) but I cannot get Creality to acknowledge the failed shipment. They only come back and say that my Add-on shipment has been delivered.

    Now I feel like I'm out the cost of a printer and I have add-ons for that printer that are essentially worthless.😞

    Interestingly, the shipment that arrived has a weight of 4 kg and the printer weighs 11 kg, but doesn't read my emails or notice this difference.

    I'm still looking for help and sending emails but the responses don't come or they are textbook "Order X has been delivered"

    I'm curious if their systems show one or two tracking numbers since so many of us had separate printer and add-on shipments.

  • @diacis woa, sorry Chris, that truly sucks! If it was theft, maybe the printer will catching fire when they turn it on.

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