V1.1.5 or V4.2.7

  • @admin
    I would like to buy the upgrade pack (metal extruder-1m tubing + silent board) for Ender 3 pro.
    In the picture on the website, the silent board is a V1.1.5.
    The other options (Tube+silent board and BLtouch+silent board) all have a V4.2.7 board pictured.
    So when I buy the first option, do I receive the V1.1.5 or the V4.2.7.
    I Asked the same question on the webpage but never got any answer.
    Can you, or someone else, give me a definite answer?
    Thank You.

  • @admin the MOST definitely are NOT the same, as a admin poor advice

  • Dear @RoBe

    There are 1.1.5 motherboards and 4.2.7 motherboards. The functions of the two motherboards are the same and they are shipped randomly.

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