Waiting for my E3 V2, now which slicer to use?

  • Hi everyone and Happy 3D printing!

    I am expecting the delivery of my E3V2 next week, meanwhile I am reading up as much as possible on how to use the unit but also facing questions.

    • Which slicing program would you prefer?
      I need input for this.
      I have use Cura (very old version). Have no experience with Simplfy3D and Creality has their program.
    • Is it worth to do some upgrade along with the build up of the unit, i.e new leveling springs and metal extruder head.
      The cost for those seems to be reasonable.
    • Finally, which filament brand has been mostly preferred by you?

    Thank you for taking time reading this and to enlighten me on my 3D journey.

    Ps. Providing a rendering of a project I was involved in last year for marine educational purpose.
    This barge is my own design, a hybrid that the company become interested in after the presentation.
    3d printed total length 6'4".
    A tug was also designed and printed, both with fully working led lights controlled by an Arduino panel.
    250 Barge v28.2-1.png

  • I would suggest Cura, because it is a solid slicer, free, and easy to use.

  • Dump the Creality slicer and get the latest Cura Slicer. For the ender line of printers Cura works better than just about any other slicer I've come across.

  • As for slicers, the community of users posts a lot of advice about cura. It is for only this reason I use it.

  • The only upgrade I would do if you're printing only
    pla is to get capricorn tubing. Search
    youtube firvenderv3 hotend fix. Think about doing the
    Fix, or just be aware of the issue. , Maybe get some
    Spare parts... Like compression fittings. After a while,

    If your printer has a 32-bit board, you might
    Want to make sure pause works, and if not,
    update the frmware. If you decide to print
    Abs, oc or asa or anything over 240C, maybe get a
    all Metal hot end. Wait to see if you want an metal
    upgrade Exruder, you might decide to print soft tpu, then you
    Might want a direct drive extruder in the future.
    Best upgrade for me was attaching an old rasberry pi (3b)
    with octopi (octoprint), since I had the raspberry pi and the
    camera best value upgrade if all (I printed a case that sits
    The power aupply.

  • Test a few and find one you like. There are a whole bunch of slicers out there, and most do the basics equally well but all have their own interesting and experimental special features.

    Simplify 3D is good if you have a model that takes AGES to slice in other software, or if you know you'll need to tweak suports a bunch. Other than that it's sort of fallen behind in development to other slicers, Cura, Slic3r and other took the cool things S3D introduced, implemented their own versions and kept innovating, whereas S3D development has been stagnant (or happening in secret if you believe the devs) for years.

    PrusaSlicer is a nice fork of Slic3r that does a really good job. Cura is very nice, and always coming up with new features (like others mentioned "Creality Slicer" is just an outdated version of Cura with a few profiles bundled with it and the splash screen and title text changed).

    KISSlicer is aonther nice slicer to check out. It's UI is not as polished as some of the older contenders, but it does a nice job.

    For most of these, you'll obviosuly have to write or adapt your own profiles, but it's not rocket science; just make sure you use the right flavour of gcode, have the correct build-area dimensions and axis orientation, have reasonable speeds for your printer and have nozzle sizes and other extrusion details correct.

  • @TheAngryWasp
    Now I'm more experimented with 3D printing (I've done hundreds of prints), I have upgraded to the latest version of Cura and have no issues at all.
    For adhesion, I use this
    I use Basifil PLA
    It's one of the cheapest, very conveniently presented in 500gram spools.
    I store filaments in this (slightly modified)
    About twice a week, I give it an hour at 40°C.

  • I have just assembled my E3 V2, but I'm a 3D printing virgin so I am looking for the answer to this question too.
    I will keep watching, hopefully there will be some more input.

  • I have not had any issues with the original springs, I have leveled the bed once and have not touched it since.
    All prints so far have stuck well to the bed and have all finished without issues.
    Although I only print every two or three days so maybe after a while the springs start to give up and bed needs to be adjusted again.

    I was also thinking about direct drive but ended up going with this dual drive BMG clone:
    I saved few bucks and so far this extruder has been printing TPU without any problems.

  • Speaking from the height of 2 days experience 😃 I use Creality's "own" slicer, which in fact is Cura. I managed to use it with almost zero learning curve.
    I ordered the stiffer bed springs, after some recommandation, before I received the machine.
    It did not take me long to realize the original springs were useless, so I replaced them right away.
    I managed to set up the machine very satisfactorily.
    My first design is a part that has very little contact area with the bed, so the first layers got scraped off, but as soon as I used this
    everything went out good.
    I have read a lot about direct-drive extruders. I don't intend to make flexible part so I won't pursue for now.
    I have received a Capricorn bowden tube that I'm going to install soon.

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