Waiting for my E3 V2, now which slicer to use?

  • Hi everyone and Happy 3D printing!

    I am expecting the delivery of my E3V2 next week, meanwhile I am reading up as much as possible on how to use the unit but also facing questions.

    • Which slicing program would you prefer?
      I need input for this.
      I have use Cura (very old version). Have no experience with Simplfy3D and Creality has their program.
    • Is it worth to do some upgrade along with the build up of the unit, i.e new leveling springs and metal extruder head.
      The cost for those seems to be reasonable.
    • Finally, which filament brand has been mostly preferred by you?

    Thank you for taking time reading this and to enlighten me on my 3D journey.

    Ps. Providing a rendering of a project I was involved in last year for marine educational purpose.
    This barge is my own design, a hybrid that the company become interested in after the presentation.
    3d printed total length 6'4".
    A tug was also designed and printed, both with fully working led lights controlled by an Arduino panel.
    250 Barge v28.2-1.png

  • Speaking from the height of 2 days experience 😃 I use Creality's "own" slicer, which in fact is Cura. I managed to use it with almost zero learning curve.
    I ordered the stiffer bed springs, after some recommandation, before I received the machine.
    It did not take me long to realize the original springs were useless, so I replaced them right away.
    I managed to set up the machine very satisfactorily.
    My first design is a part that has very little contact area with the bed, so the first layers got scraped off, but as soon as I used this
    everything went out good.
    I have read a lot about direct-drive extruders. I don't intend to make flexible part so I won't pursue for now.
    I have received a Capricorn bowden tube that I'm going to install soon.

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