Just bought meself an E3V2

  • Hi all,
    I decided to pull the plug and get myself a printer, the price seemed right for me and I got an extra glass bed.
    I have worked with Fusion 360 for almost two years, but still have a lot to learn. (Not doing on daily bases).
    But have worked with SketchUp since it came out on the market, now able to handle STL files.
    My 3d journey started when me and two other friends were approached by a school in Astoria, OR about training students for careers in the maritime industry. Little did we know at the time what state regulations can have an impact.
    Our plans along with renderings had to be approved not only by Oregon State, but also CA and WA, before any printing could be done.
    They wanted to get a tug and a barge for their education with working lights.
    Through a well known company in WA we established contact and received plans to start working from.
    Almost one year later we delivered our two products, one 3d printed 3' tug and a 6'4" barge.
    Having no experience with 3d printing but having the itch of learning I decided during this past week to get myself a printer.
    One of the project friends guided me right, he suggested the E3V2.
    I am looking forward learning the fun side and to create my own parts.

    I consider this as an early christmas gift to me and wife.

    Thank you all for letting me part of this group and I guess I will pop up on regular basis with questions.

  • Dear @Per

    It is recommended to watch some videos shared by customers to learn about 3D printers. If you encounter problems with the printer, please contact us.

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