Any Creality Support have an answer for terrible customer service?

  • After a long time of waiting and researching the best turn key option, I chose the CRX PRO. I was really excited to receive something from my kids for my birthday so I could learn and work with on projects. That is where this story takes a turn. I was able to assemble the machine without any issues. I started it up and leveled the bed without issues. I used all of the stock materials - PLA, temp settings, model and slicer that was provided. I have not been able to get 1 print in over 2 months. Creality support refused to replace the machine although they know of the issue. They refused to issue me a refund directly and insisted that I replace the motherboard/perform diagnostics myself. I stated that I did not feel comfortable performing repairs on a $650.00 machine. Our sale was based on the agreement that I would receive a 3d printer, not parts of one. I always received the same result from their team "this repair is easy" "our tech will be right with you". There is no consistency in their tech support, time to receive a response, or accountability. They do not care about how much time you spend to play their game with limitless models or flashing the board. At the end of the day, I am still here with a 3d printer I cannot use and no responses from Support. I have contacted Paypal to rectify this situation because Creality clearly doesn't care. I have proof of all of the messaging through Facebook and the refusal to help me. I just wish that your team would attempt to resolve this the right way. Buyer Beware - Spend your money with another brand or a company that can work on these machines. 👎 👎 👎

  • Dear @D720

    Thanks for supporting Creality, we totally understand you. Please follow what the engineer said about the after-sales. We will help you to solve the problem. It is a gift if it works again, you will become more professional about 3D Printer. And you can help your kids to print.

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