CR-10 V2 changing filament when it has run out mid print

  • I risked leaving my print running and it ran out of filament at 98% completion. Now it is showing "Err: Change Filament", I can't find any instruction on how to go about changing the filament in attempt to save this print. I assume it's possible thus the reason for the error and filament sensor in the first place

  • @opiedrake
    Since the temperature has gone down including bed temp as well, doesn't this defeat the purpose of the filament detection sensor?
    The part is already detached from the base, therefore even if you add filament you can't resume printing over the same part because the part will move.

  • gbower,
    When this happens, just pre-heat the extruder via the control temperature menu if the temperature has cooled down as a result. Pull out the filament that remains in the Bowden tube, push new filament into the Bowden tube by compressing the spring loaded extruding mechanism to allow manual feed until filament comes out of the nozzle. Then you can resume print normally. I am sure this didn't come in time to save that print, but maybe it will help next time. BTW, you can use the change filament in the prepare menu, but that can be cumbersome and it is much easier manually.

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