Cr-6SE auto-level not working after motherboard fire.

  • I finally got a replacement motherboard after 4 weeks of back and forth with about 3 different people. Put the new motherboard in and the nozzle just plunges straight into the center of the bed and keeps going. I’ve checked and replaced the sensor on the left side of the tower, that doesn’t seem to be the issue. The blue LED that is only supposed to be lit when the nozzle touches the bed is lit all the time. Even when I unplug the strain gauge. I’m guessing something in the little adapter board that’s mounted on the nozzle got fried when the motherboard started on fire. I also lost an SD card to the fire, the card that was plugged in when the machine went down is not responsive anymore. Has anyone had this issue yet and know of something else I can check?


  • I also have an Ender 3 Pro and thought the same thing, a nice second printer. I had the motherboard burst into flames on initial power-up. Over two months later, no replacement and very little communication from Creality. I am regretting my Kickstarter pledge, this was a failed effort on Creality.

  • Dear @Hibbcase

    Please contact your seller to reissue the adapter board

  • This is kind of happening to me, Replaced the mainboard and its USB shorted SO i tried to switch back to the initial one which could at least print from SD Card, in my case the light flickers right when I turn the printer on, and you can hear the 'elecric noise' of when the sensor should trigger, but it doesn't respond to it and just digs into the bed.

    I backed this from my first printer being an Ender 3 Pro and thought "Dude, Creality printers are nice, This will make a good second printer." ...I'm steadily regretting my decision, as two USB fried mainboards one fried USB cable from the first, second saved from paying hyper close attention when plugging it in and one Fried USB port on my computer....

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