tracking number unknown for backer 9399

  • dear sir, madam,

    I have a problem with the provided tracking number: on it indicates that the provided number is unknown. I have tried to ask about that through but on that email address I get a "undeliverable"message back because the email address doesn't seem to exist.

    Hopefully through this forum it is possible to get feedback on the tracking number!

    With kind regards

  • @admin said in tracking number unknown for backer 9399:

    you can't find anything about the shipping u

    Dear Creality, I'm happy to say that the printer arrived a short while ago. So my apologies for being impatient: the not-working email address and lack of response to my emails worried me a bit.

    I did encounter some other problems, but am trying to tackle those through the forum and

  • Dear @shaak1979

    I have checked your order, it seems that your goods are still on the boat, that you can't find anything about the shipping updates. Please don't worry, if it is finished the customs clearance, it will update the tracking information.

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