• We were just as surprised as the rest of you when Creality dropped this doozy of a printer on our laps. The company that has gotten a taste for experimenting this latter half of the year, testing the waters with proprietary auto bed leveling, infinite-Z and whatnot, has instead taken the Ender 3 and scaled it 1.5x. Job done.
    But the reality of this Creality is a little deeper than that. We’ve been fiddling and printing with a pre-production Ender 3 Max for a couple of weeks and, completely in isolation from the price (which we don’t know yet, so take any value-talk below with a cautious pinch of salt), have found it a pretty solid platform for larger prints.

    The CR-10 series still, stubbornly, costs a pretty penny, so if the Ender 3 Max is priced right, it could occupy a big-budget spot that the CR-10 never could. Here’s what we’ve found of the Ender 3 Max so far.

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