• Has anyone heard when they will start to ship the CR6 SE MAX?

  • Dear @JA

    Thanks for understanding, we will keep going on updates that make our customers open for the shipping details.

  • @Skidda1960

    Here's the latest update from the Kickstarter Updates page (posted Oct 21):

    "On the basis of strict quality control, mass production of CR-6 MAX has been completed.

    At present, we have shipped 210+ Creality CR-6 MAX 3D Printer. These printers are awaiting reviews by China Customs.

    After completed, we will immediately update them on Kickstarter."

    NOTE: There is also a promo video showing the production line and other stuff.

    So it does look like things are actually moving along, but it could still be a long wait to get the printer based on their slow shipping methods. I ordered both a CR-6 SE and CR-6 Max, and it would be somewhat ironic (and very frustrating) if I end up reaching my CR-6 Max before my CR-6 SE, but I'll be glad to finally get them.

  • @admin
    Thank you

  • Dear @JA @Skidda1960

    Thanks for your support and patience. We are working on the CR-6 SE shipping stuff and we will be more quick and professional in CR-6 SE MAX, if we have any news for CR-6 SE MAX, I will update in the forum to let you know.
    Have a nice day.

  • @Skidda1960

    The only thing they've said so far is "October", which means you might receive yours in December...if you are lucky.

    They also said they would provide a discount on add-ins purchased through their web site for Kickstarter backers, but they haven't provided an updates on that since the initial announcement. Then again, the CR-6 Max or accessories for it haven't been listed on their web site yet, so they still have some time.

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