Strain Gauge/Bed Level Failure

  • After replacement of the power switch that failed and repairing the solder joints on the thermistor probe at the male JST pins on the extruder board I have encountered yet another fault on the CR-6 SE I received.

    The bed level system is malfunctioning. The printer will attempt to home and when it’s lowering to the z-limit it will raise back up before the nozzle hits the bed. It will then attempt to perform the 9 point bed level readings but will move from point to point only raising never lowering to the bed.

    I have installed a replacement optical sensor since it came with a spare. I have removed and reinstalled the strain gauge sensor multiple times. I have reflashed the firmware and when that made no significant changes I downgraded firmware back to stock.

    Has anyone had this experience? Are there any suggestions for actions or tests I haven’t already performed? All recommendations will be appreciated.

  • @admin this is good information though I did not need to remove or replace anything. The variable resistor was reading 0.87v so I adjusted until correct amount of pressure triggered blue led indicator.

    Issue resolved. Thank you.

  • Dear @Dalcassian

    Please follow the video to make the Varistor Kit Replacement.