Creality Cr-6se dead just after install

  • CR-6se dead after 1 hour,
    I have many Creality printer so know how to install them. I finally received printer after really long wait and installed it all go fine, I switch power on and lots of spark come out and fuse of house and fuse on power switch bow up.
    Opened up printer and a power-cable that connect with power switch was lose that cause shortcut. Installed it again an checked all cable power supply and main board.
    BTW cable are a mess and really bad cable management. this is asking for future trouble.
    So try to start printer again but printer will not boot, i checked all cable and watch video they added with no boot fix but printer stuck in load screen.
    Also try to upgrade firmware but printer will not go past initial boot screen.
    power voltage setting is correct and Meanwell power supply gives correct current, i am pretty sure that its that main board that is DOA it show only 1 led on and it should have 2 led on (only get partial current on main board.)
    Main board get really hot and is a sure fire hazard soon or later, i repacked printer and will be need replacing or be refunded.
    i send pictures and movie of this to Creality but not received any feedback.
    For now i just can recommend people not to buy CR-6se until they really fix problems because they are a real danger (serial P202J7N00378) a nimber really close to my serial burst into flames and is filmed on youtube for all to see.
    A local retailer stoped sale as they are in contact to replace items delivered to them. they would be replaced with a safe 1.2 version apparently (
    so now no printer and no reply from Creality

  • Dear @Mcnoodle

    I checked with our engineer, The printer is stuck on the boot screen, please refer to this video to refresh the motherboard firmware and display firmware:
    The latest firmware is upload on Creality website:

    For the power switch and motherboard issues, you can send the information to
    our colleague will feedback soon. Thanks for supporting.

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