replacing SD card with USB stick

  • I have my Ender 3v2for 2 days now. So far everything works as expected (I only replaced the bed springs with stiffer ones).
    One thing that I consider urgent, I don't like the SD card. It is so tiny I don't feel comfortable with it and there's a risk of loosing it. Also I think it's not good for the connectors, as well in the adapter than in the printer, to constantly connect/disconnect. These tiny connectors are rated for 10 000 mating cycles. In two days I've already done about 50!
    Is it possible to have the printer reading data from a USB stick? I could then have a USB extender coming to the front of the printer and not worry about its connector getting worn/damaged.
    So far I haven't seen a possibility to browse on the printer.

  • I just saw today the Creality WiFi Box. It seems it would answer my request beautifully.

  • OK, I got the .exe file and instructions, but it's not what I want. I just want to put the gcode file on a USB stick and insert the stick into the printer, instead of the microscopic SD card.

  • Your answer came 3 days ago, but I have not received any notification, though I had ticked the option. Something's not quite right.

  • I'm sorry, I opend the link and there are dozens of files, I don't know which one to install. There is a .pdf document, which probably has all teh instructions, but I can't open it.

  • Dear @jlm1948

    You can connect to the printer via USB to print, you need to install the USB driver, this compressed package contains the driver and installation method:

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