• On Youtube there are two different updates shown. One on the front of the printer and one when you open it and insert a microsd into the board underneath the touchscreen.
    Can you tell which files go into which section?

  • it would be nice if the firmware can read more than 5 pages of files, it's kind of annoying to look for old files when it can only read files up to 5 pages

  • I'm running V1.0.3.6 still having two annoying issues:

    1. The nosle scratches on the print bed if i cancel the print while printing the first layer
    2. The bed leveling data get lost on a power cycle, so I need to repeat the bed leveling before every print

  • @pro_info That's a bummer, that's the biggest issue I had with the firmware, that and M600 not working.

  • @ncbob No

     * EEPROM
     * Persistent storage to preserve configurable settings across reboots.
     *   M500 - Store settings to EEPROM.
     *   M501 - Read settings from EEPROM. (i.e., Throw away unsaved changes)
     *   M502 - Revert settings to "factory" defaults. (Follow with M500 to init the EEPROM.)
    #define EEPROM_SETTINGS     // Persistent storage with M500 and M501
    //#define DISABLE_M503        // Saves ~2700 bytes of PROGMEM. Disable for release!
    // #define EEPROM_CHITCHAT       // Give feedback on EEPROM commands. Disable to save PROGMEM.
      //#define EEPROM_AUTO_INIT  // Init EEPROM automatically on any errors.

    Yes, but when I do an M500, it doesn't work for me.

  • The archive contains of two folders: "32bit mainboard firmware" and "32bit screen firmware". Should I copy files from each folder and run them separatly from SD card or should I place all files all together and run them at the same time? Would be nice to have specific instruction. Thank you in advance for respond.

  • Is the EEPROM enabled in this version?

  • @admin any idea when that will be please
    thank you

  • Dear @Daverobbo1904

    As I know, this firmware is confirmed before your question, then I don't think it has been added in. But I have sent your suggestion to our engineer and will confirm if it will be added to the next firmware.

  • @admin thank you for that can you confirm that the M600 command has been added

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