Confirmed fix bed level

  • If your print head is crashing into the bed or not lowering to the bed there is a variable resistor on the extruder board. Remove the extruder cover, turn the resistor ‘screw’ until the light turns off (if crashing). Press the nozzle upward applying minimal pressure while turning the other direction until the light just comes on.

    Should be good to go.

  • Don’t know if this helps but check out this video, he solves under extruding, not in the way I expected:

  • @spauliszyn

    Let me know. I’d be interested in whether this is the fix for your situation. Now I’m battling underextrusions. Yay

  • Very interesting fix @Dalcassian.

    I was concerned that the strain gauge was not sensitive enough so that the nozzle was pushed into the bed with too much force so that it deflected a bit. Printing usually exerts zero force on the bed so even a slight bed deflection from the ABL will give false readings. Consider that the BLtouch and other sensors exert minimal loads to the bed.

    I will play with this when I get a chance. I don't know how much more I can increase the sensitivity because even moving the filament tube slightly will trigger the sensor and light the LED.

    Nonetheless, great find!!! 🙂

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