CP-01 E-Stop and ABL(BLTouch)

  • Two features that seem to have been overlooked on the CP-01 are an Emergency Stop Button and support for auto bed leveling. The inclusion of the CNC router/milling attachment make these extremely important. I have acquired an E-Stop button and a BL Touch v3.1 to add to my machine, but am having trouble figuring out how to install them. While it is rather simple to wire the E-Stop to just interrupt the power between the On/Off switch and the power supply, or between the power supply and the mainboard, this is only half of a solution. I say "half of a solution" because while it is an effective way to kill the power to the machine it does not deal with what the machine does when you reset the switch; because of the power out resume function of the board, it just picks right back up where it was when you hit the switch. Hitting the E-Stop needs to immediately freeze all movement of the machine, interrupt all current passing through the machine, and when reset return the spindle/laser/printer head to a neutral position so that any obstructions can be cleared. The first and third parts of this are software/firmware functions. Does the existing firmware have a command equivalent to the Marlin M112 Emergency Stop command, and how do I wire up the button so that when pressed the normal open side sends a signal that can be used to initiate it? Then how do I make the signal actually generate the command? Using the router also requires the bed/work table to be more rigid and resistant to lateral and rotational shearing forces than printing does, which is easy enough to fix by replacing the bed leveling springs with either ABS or aluminum spacers, unfortunately this then makes it impossible to use the adjustment screws to level the bed, enter the BL Touch. There is a 3 pin connector on the motherboard that is, according to the manual, reserved for the BL Touch sensor, but that only cover 3 of 5 wires, and there isn't a firmware update published for the CP-01 yet that explicitly adds ABL functionality. How do I properly connect the BL Touch to the mainboard, and is there a work around to make it work with the current firmware?

  • @AkiSnow Hello AkiSnow, I've been using the CP-01 for about an year now. I'm very interested in the solution you described about changing the FW to that of the CR-10, adapted to the CP-01. I tried but didn't succeed. Would you mind to tell me which parameters in the configuration.h to modify, or point me to a working file (hex) or to someone who can tell me how to do this? Many thanks in advance!!

  • Could an E-Stop switch be installed to interface into the axis limit switches, cutting the supply to the motors (effectively triggering all 3 limit switches simultaneously)?
    I know it's crude, but rather that, than driving your machine into the bed/component!

  • @DocScott I found kinda a solution for it, as the CP-01 uses the same board as the CR-10 V2 you can load the open source firmware for the CR-10 and modify it for the CP-01. The laser and CNC are both controlled by the cooling fan control. I haven't got enough time to actually dig in and complete this project myself but I've know people who has successfully done it.

  • Dear @DocScott

    As our CR-01 is not supporting the BL touch function, so the firmware does not support it as well

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