crash heating head bed

  • everything my ender5 that is brand new open from box day 1 hour 2

    setting heatbed temp crashes software, also when i try to heat pla automaticly it crashes.
    any ideas how to disable heatbed temp ?

  • Dear @webmazter

    Heating bed restart

    1. Please check whether the power supply voltage is adjusted to the local voltage
    2. Is there a multimeter, you can measure the input and output of the power supply.
    3. Measure the resistance of the hotbed board.
    4. If there is no multimeter, it is recommended to connect the nozzle heating wire to the output end of the hotbed and connect the nozzle thermistor to the hotbed thermistor to the hotbed thermistor. Restart, heat the nozzle, heat the hotbed, see which one will restart when heating, provide video

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