Possible Autolevel Fix

  • I'm using octoprint along with the Bed Visualizer plugin and noticed some ABL meshes generated by my CR6-SE would have some very large errors. Plus, I noticed large variation from test to test. To diagnose this problem, I took the print head apart and noticed the blue light would turn on/off when the print head moved back and forth due to the bowden tube putting pressure on the hot end and tripping the load cell. So, I created and printed a bracket that screws onto the printhead and supports the top of the bowden tube to relieve this pressure when it moves back and forth. All of my ABL cycles since this installation has been very consistent and all subsequent prints have beautiful first layers. I'm slicing with Cura 4.7 configured to automatically perform the ABL at the beginning of each print. I've shared the bracket on thingiverse if anyone else would like to print and see if it helps their printer.

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