Heads up on the x-carriage belt tensioner

  • Wow, yet another wonderful design feature from Creality. After about a week of printing, the x-carriage belt tensioner has come completely loose and I was getting terrible shifting and that was the cause of it.

    Might have to throw some threadlocker on it.

    I've printer for over a year on some of my printers and haven't had the belt tensioners come loose like this.

  • Thanks for posting this ncbob! I was going crazy trying to figure out why my prints were looking terrible on the x axis and now I feel like an idiot for missing this (After never having an issue on any other printer)

  • Omg YOU’RE the seller and yes I know it was loose, that’s why I said I tightened it.

    Yet another design/manufacturing flaw in this printer.

    At this point I do not trust creality for anything, so I’ll be fixing it myself with a tensioner that doesn’t come loose in less than a week.

    *waits for the ‘thank you for your support’ post

  • @ncbob The X-axis belt tensioner is loose. Please check whether the tensioner is damaged. If it is, please contact your seller. If not, please reinstall it.

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