Creality cloud

  • So I have waited 8 weeks for two Creality clouds to turn up and after a getting both configured and then trying to figure out slicer then to send to printer nothing happens! I am running the tiny machines firmware on my printer. I would assume this wouldn't make a difference.

    I can't even control nozzle or bed temp from the WiFi app as I would be able to.

    Yet again it feels like another Creality product that was rushed.

    Can anyone shed light on this issue. I looked at reviews and everything pointed to this device being plug and play. I've followed the instructions down to the letter. But still all I get is the file loading for hours and no response from printer.

    Many thanks

  • Dear @jateu01

    Please send an email to our engineer who is responsible for this. He needs to be clear about how you do it. Your description states that the box is plug-and-play. It is possible that the box is not equipped with a network, and what is the model of the printer.
    His email address is

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