Layer Shifting Problem- Need Your Help

  • I bought ender 3 v2 last week and i have layer shifting problem.I cant fix it i need your help please help me to solve this.I already checked pulleys all screws bell and tansion, but still have the same problem.Here are the photos i am waiting your ideas to fix it. Maybe i need to check all drivers voltage but i dont know where.Hope to hearing from you asap.![1_1603210594253_IMG_1277 kopyası.jpg](Uploading 0%) ![0_1603210594253_IMG_1276 kopya 3.jpg](Uploading 0%)

  • @doasaun Please check whether the printing platform shakes, if it is, please debug the leveling nut at the bottom of the platform; Check whether the nozzle kit shakes, if it is, please follow the video to debug:
    Adjustment range of each drive voltage: X(1.18-1.2V)Y(0.99-1.01V)Z(1.18-1.2V)E(1.38-1.4V)

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