Creality CR-6 SE Import Tariffs

  • Hi,

    today I had a delivery attempt for my Creality CR-6 SE.
    I say attempt, because I was dumbfounded when the delivery woman wanted around 84 Euros in cash for the Import-Tariffs/ taxes on the package. Which I did not have on hand.

    The FAQ on the Kickstarter campaign clearly stated the shipping would be duty-free in Europe.
    So what is the situation now? I am located in Austria.

    [Shipping] About countries and regions that can be shipped & Tax
    Currently we can deliver to: Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Dominican republic, Colombia, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Swizerland, Thailand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Vietnam, Isreal, United Arab, Emirates, Morocco, Turkey, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, suriname, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Guyana, Namibia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Algeria, Senegal, Zambia, azerbaijan, Cameroon, Angola, Uganda, Nigeria, Mauritius, Libya, China, Hong Kong and Other EU Countries.

    Among them, Europe, the United States, Australia we can currently confirm is duty-free.

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  • Hi!
    Did you received it from DHL?

  • @Jari81 Woah, that sucks. I think you posted in the wrong sub-forum btw 😛
    I got both CR-6 SE and the other brand printer that made a KS right after, both delivered to my door, no extra charges. And I'm from Romania btw.

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