What is minimum and optimal room temperature?

  • Hi, I buy new LD-002R printer. But I have question about temperature. When is night in room is about 15c(59f), is this too cold for printing or not?

  • I have a similar question.

    Since I am in Montreal where it is REALLY cold. I have placed my LD-002R inside of a Creality enclosure with a lamp that heats it up a little.

    I want to be careful I don't shorten the lifespan of the LCD or electronics by letting it get too warm inside the enclosure. Is there an ideal or recommended operating temperature that offers the best compromise between printer life and resin exposure time?

    Thanks for making such great 3d printers!



  • @5PRO5KOMP5 Dear, it can be printed at this temperature, but you must increase the exposure time.

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