I have waited over 60 days to get the CR-6 SE repaired, and you keep deleting my posts!

  • I received my CR-6 on August 16th. My backer number is 10535 and the printer stopped working on September 4th. I contacted support on September 6th, and that email addressed bounced, while my two posts were deleted twice on September 6th. Following is the same description I have sent the kickstarter@creailty.com email address and someone named Pancy just keeps asking the same questions over and over. Following is what happened.

    On the morning of September 4th, I turned the CR-6 on to run a couple of prints. After about 30 seconds, a loud pop occurred, and when I went to print, the printer display did not show any of the files. I removed the SD card and read it on several of my computers, including the one I had copied the STL file from. The card works perfectly in both read and write modes on my computers, but did not work on the CR-6 to read the files. I then used the PC USB port and ran the two prints. I turned off the CR-6, and it never turned on again. I explained this repeatedly to Pancy who refuses to provide any parts or warranty service at all.

    You either want to fix this printer or you don't. You say you warranty these units for a year, and yet everyone who has had a problem seems to be ignored. Everyone who purchased this printer, paid for a working unit. It is apparent you have power switch issues, and why not Fed-Ex 100 switched to one of your US distributors for people who have a failed switch to contact for a replacement? I have two MicroCenter stores within driving distance who have parts for your other printers, but no parts for the CR-6.

    We all paid you for working printers, and your warranty is a legal contract to support non-working parts for one year, yet you have n interest in repairing my unit which has been dead for almost two full months.

    Explain your definition of "Warranty" please. Send me the replacement parts, or refund the full amount of this piece of junk and pick it up. I am filing a claim with the credit card company for a full refund and complaint with the New York Attorney General against Creality and Kickstarter. I will the US Department of justice and the media if this matter is not resolved by Monday, October 26th, 2020.

    I have take a screen capture of this complaint posted in your fourm as evidence if it is removed again. You need to address this issue at once. I am confident the credit card company will issue the refund based on the email exchange between your support person and I. But I think it would better if you fix this printer or issue a refund and pick it up. If you issue the refund, I will pack it up and you can have it back, and I will never buy anything from you again. I promise.

    And a CR-6 reviewer on YouTube, tripodsgarage has documented all the problems I have had very well in video, including the damage done to the controller board from other users. I paid you for a working printer with a warranty. I wasn't told you wanted me to take the printer apart and do the repairs nor does your warranty state you have no repair distributor in the US. And if I can't trust you to repair the printer, how could I ever trust you to reimburse me for repair parts from a 3rd party.

    Let's have a candid, open conversation about this right here on this forum. This is your opportunity to prove you intend to honor your warranty, and provide timely replacement parts or simply refund a customer that you have ignored for almost two months.

  • Dear @oliverhbailey

    Please check the email, our colleague has a feedback for you.

  • Dear @oliverhbailey

    I understand you're angry about it. We will focus on it and give you feedback soon.

    Just be clarify, I haven't deleted any post, even the customer complains about the printer. The forum is the platform that all our customers can post their issues and get a solution. There must be some mistake about it.

    By the way, I will confirm your information and Creality will give a solution to you.

  • Any luck on this? So far my power switch has failed, and the filament sensor fails on almost every print. And when you resume it never goes back to the same place. Waste of any print already done.

    This thing when it prints is amazing, but man its been junk so far.

  • @oliverhbailey they don’t intend to honor it. I have an issue and no responses for over 2 weeks. I used to like the company but they are now so horrid I will never use another product from them. Good luck getting it solved. I recommend reaching out to the bank and dispute the transaction and buy another printer.

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