Power Switch Failure (Another Post)

  • My two week old machine died in the middle of a print. Because of the number of folks posting about the power switch issue I was able to diagnose it and "hack" the machine to get it going. I emailed support and after I sent them my shipment number and a picture they haven't responded. Looks like we're on our own because I see folks on the other thread haven't received replies either. Can't believe that none of the so-called "expert reviewers" haven't called them out on the quality issues with this machine.

    I ordered this part: [https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/cw-industries/GRL-4011-1600/81485](link url)

    Can anybody confirm this is a proper replacement?
    ![0_1603290969322_creality switch.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Almost a month and several reminders later Creality "support" has not reimbursed me any amount for the replacement switch. Needless to say I won't be buying machines from them ever again.

    Ironically I just got email pre-announcing some new thing which they promised would ship only to backers first. Gee no thanks.

  • They are hoping we will all go away. Two months and no acknowledgement of parts being shipped or why it has taken so long. Its time to charge back the full amount. This printer has some serious issues anyway and its unsafe to use. Its not just the CR-6 either, Postings on the Internet about the new Ender 3 V2 show similar issues to the CR-6. One user write the customer service forms to return the units are being taken off the site.

    These people are a joke. They have no sense of honesty or customer service.

  • I went with a US supplier (most of the Amazon stuff is cheap Chinese stuff like what came in the printer). I submitted an invoice for $11.50. Support said they could only give me $10 because of "regulations." When I objected they went silent. No money. No reply. What a professional bunch. Going forward I am voting with my pocketbook as we say in the states.

  • @johnelle this is the one I ordered, and it's a perfect fit, you can pop it out and install it in the housing on the CR-6


  • After 5 days and one reminder "support" sent me a message that they have "uploaded my case to post sales" and they will get back with a resolution "soon." My definition of soon has already passed. Are these guys for real or are they just stalling hoping we'll all just go away?

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