Don't know where my printer is.

  • Hi, there has been a label waiting in Germany since 5th September, Its now coming to the end of October. My question is that I'm in the UK and was wondering where my printer is. Is it stuck in Germany customs or on a boat or? Also will my addons come with the printer? I'm so confused as to whats going on. Please help. My backer number is :- 8652.

    Peter Sands-Moore.

  • @admin hello any word on delivery of my printer/addons. This is getting ridiculous. Are my addons with the printer or will I have to wait until next year for them to be delivered as well, because the way things are going it is a possibility.

  • Dear @oo0Acedude0oo

    If the printer is on the boat and not finished the customs clearance, the shipping statue will always be ready for UPS. After the goods finished the customs clearance, the status will update and means you will get the printer soon. And I will double check it for you, and will feedback you soon.