October 21, 2020. Still no printer

  • I still have not received my Creamery 6 SE. What is going on? Why have I not received it yet, I backed this project in May and now almost in November. I've reached to numerous times and never got a response. Yous should be embarrassed that the people who backed this project and made it come to the market still have not gotten there printers. Remember if it wasn't for your backers paying upfront this prob never would have happened or if it did at least we weren't laying our hard earned money out to help you. I want my printer, I'm tired of no news, these updates are BULLSHIT. PLEDGE# 8824

  • @culzheimer There is something really fishy going on. I also didn't see the survey until it was after July 1st. Customer support just emailed me the following:

    "People who have completed the survey before July 1st will receive their printers, and you will be able to ship them out at the end of this month."

    So I guess, since we didn't fill out the survey before July 1st, they will not be getting our printers anytime soon. However, you can go to their website and buy one which they guarantee it will be received in 3 to 7 days. That is just so wrong. If someone can order one today and get it in under a week, we should get ours as soon.

    I don't know what's going on, but something is suspicious.

  • Dear @culzheimer

    I just checked your order information and found that your survey is not finished, that we don't have your shipping address. It was empty for the address and contact information. Please finish it, and we will arrange the shipping for you soon. Please don't worry, they will come to you quickly.