Cr6-SE still waiting for UK delivery

  • I backed the Kickstarter project in May. I received tracking information on 5th September. It’s now 21st October and I’m still waiting for the printer to reach Germany before it is then shipped to me in the UK.

    I’ll say that’s too long to wait!

    My backer number is 8523. When will I get my printer that I ordered in good faith 5 months ago?!

  • I can confirm that my printer arrived on Monday. I've carried out a complete check and other than the bed being very loose and needing tightening, everything else functions and it prints fine.

    I can hear that power switch arching so... fingers crossed!

  • For those that are following this thread (as I’ve had no response from Creality for 5 days, I’m assuming they are not) my printer appears to have arrived in Germany yesterday and has just started it’s journey to the uk.

  • @admin 4 days and now consulting with my credit card company

  • @admin 3 days...

  • @admin It's been another 2 days and I have not had an update. When will I receive my printer?

  • Same here backer 2899 labelled since 21st of September, once in chat I was told it's awaiting customs clearance and should be with me within week, now I was told it's on the boat. I genuinely start to believe that creality is only telling truth by mistake, and there are so many versions of this story no one knows what truth is anymore

  • Dear @rotor92000

    I will suggest our colleague check every boat shipping status, and will have an update about it.

  • Hi

    It's now the 30th October. The printer was due to me by yesterday (nearly 2 months after receiving the shipping information) but there is still no change in the UPS status. It still says "Order Processed: Ready for UPS".

    I would like to know where the printer is and when I will receive it.

  • @admin I am in exactly the same position. Backer #960, one of the earliest backers!
    Still no information on where my printer is.
    I appreciate that might still be 'on the boat', but can you at least provide some estimation of where the printer is and when it will arrive in Germany?

    A boat that takes almost 2 months to travel from China to Germany is very unusual, are you sure that your boat didn't sink?

    Additionally, I know of other UK backers that have received their printers weeks ago, so this is a serious concern.

  • Dear @rotor92000

    I just checked your order, it seems to be still on the boat, if it finishes the customs clearance, you will get the UPS update. Thanks for your support.

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